About Us

About Us

At Vegatex, we strive to bring the world the most advanced sustainable materials to those who care our blue planet. Our current Apple Skin Leather has set the highest standard in the Vegan Leather Industry. But we don’t settle for less, the next best material is yet to come. 

Environmental Responsibilities

Vegatex has taken the next step responsibilities to protect our environment. Our second-generation biofuels utilize non-food crops: co-products, agricultural residues and waste. These make the biofuels more efficient, and they generally don’t require new production of crops and reutilize residues which would otherwise end up as waste. 

There is opportunity cost on lands. The plants on the land can enjoy their normal life cycle and preform their normal functions to the earth. If we need to grow a particular kind of crops/plants on that land, because we need to harvest them to make another type of material. This is working against the nature.   

Vegatex = Waste Reuse = Sustainability

Our Innovation is focused on how to reuse our wastes. We don’t create wastes because we need the waste. We make use of the waste because they are already there. If we don’t fully utilize them, they will become “waste” definitely.

Technology can help, but you still need patient and persistent decision to pursue the goal. With years of various research and experiments, our R&D team has realized apple waste from juicy industry could still derivate fructose, vegetable protein, even CO2 etc. After the extraction process, the real apple waste can mix with other bio-elements and bio-PU in order to form the leather like material – Apple Skin Leather. 

Our wastes reuse cycles make the whole industry sustainable. Fruit juicy provide us various necessary nutrition for our health. Leftover waste from juicy industry could still generate different ingredients for different products. This is the true sustainability. You probably realize we now stated fruit juicy, not just apple juicy. As our Patented Extraction Process could apply onto different kinds of wastes. We are exploring the possibilities of wastes from lemon, peach, and even the wheat waste from beer… More surprises to come.  

What makes us better…

At Vegatex, our material is made using 66% Bioproduct, more than the industry standard.

Even though apple peel leather is mixed with PU, it’s still more sustainable than pure PVC or PU leather alone.

Compared to PVC, PU leather is considered more favorable. Although, fossil fuels are required to produce polyurethane and it emits carbon dioxide during the production process, PU doesn’t produce the same dioxins that PVC does.

While PU coatings aren’t natural, they help increase the durability and longevity of vegan leather products, which helps decrease the amount of wasted products in the long run.

By partnering with Vegatex you can support the concept of a more sustainable product life cycle.

Vegan leather made from apples

APPLE Leather alternatives are bio-based materials made using the leftover pomace and peel from the fruit juice and compote industry. The Process: The material is created by first taking the recovered apple waste and reducing it to a powder. This biomass powder is then mixed with other natural agricultural fibres through a process where it is combined with polyurethane and coated onto a plant based material. Generally the biobased content can vary, no less than 50% mixed with 50% waterborne PU. The result is a durable, environmentally friendly, breathable material (thanks to its organic composition), that is smooth to the touch, and good for hard wearing small accessories.


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