Apple Peel Leather

Why Apple Skin Leather

You will be astonished by how the cattle industry has polluted the environment. The global leather industry has killed over billion various animals for their skins each year. Leather tanning is the world’s fourth-worst toxic pollutant. The lucrative leather product markets make the cattle industries vigorous. We have abundant supplies of meat, as their skins are even more valuable. What is the by product, meat or skin? Who knows!

Some people have turned to synthetic leather. But this does not help to protect the environment as they are made from fossil/oil derivatives. They might dare to claim themselves Vegan Leather. But we all know the true is just to avoid one problem by making another or bigger problem.

At Vegatex, we believe the alternative should not just simply be a replacement of animal leather, but it must also be sustainable, reducible, reusable, recyclable, and better be up-cyclable. More importantly, we do not need to compromise the luxurious aesthetics, the beautiful hand feel and wide range application from the animal leather.

What is Apple Skin Leather

Apple Skin Leather is a bio-based, eco-friendly leather-like material. It is made from the leftover pomace and peel from fruit juices and the compost industry. Due to its high cellulose content, apple pomace is ideal for upcycling into new fabric. After years of efforts by Vegatex multinational R&D team, the Vegatex Apple Skin Leather is certified by USDA as 66% BioBased material, this is the highest standard in the true vegan leather industry.

When everybody talks about reducing CO2 emission, we go further. Apart from CO2 reduction, we make use of it. CO2 is one of the key ingredients of our Apple Skin Leather. This is going to set the future standard in the material industry. This state of art knowhow proves that we don’t settle for current achievement, we evolve from there, and aim to make the world a better place.